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Pocket Watch Buyer Guide

Whether it’s celebrating a special birthday or marking a well-earned retirement, Pocket Watches have been a signature men’s gift for generations. Few gifts match the intricacy, beauty and elegance of a well-crafted Pocket Watch, explaining their continued popularity into the 21st century.

With a wide range of styles each with their own subtle differences, choosing the right Pocket Watch can seem a daunting task. This guide aims to educate on these differences and the often overlooked details, to help you find the perfect gift for an unforgettable moment.

Farrar & Tanner stock a wide range of Pocket Watches for a special gift whatever the occasion. Our personalised engraving service lets you add your personal message to the Pocket Watch of your choice. Please browse our engraving gallery for examples or contact us for a bespoke order.

Double Hunter Pocket Watch:

Double Hunter Pocket Watches feature two covering cases that open with a trigger at the stem of the watch. These cases protect the watch face from everyday damage and are elegantly decorated with crests and patterns. An ever popular option that will never go out of style.

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Mount Royal Double Hunter Skeleton Pocket Watch – £95.00


Jean Pierre Double Hunter Skeleton Gold Pocket Watch – £285.00











Half Hunter Pocket Watch:

Half Hunters are set apart by a small crystal or glass window in the case, giving the viewer an intimate peak into the intricacy of a Pocket Watch.  This style combines convenience, exceptional craftsmanship and unique design, all centred around the small window. Beautiful pieces, perfect for the man looking to make a statement.

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Mount Royal Rose Gold Half Hunter Skeleton Pocket Watch – £100.00

Mount Royal Half Hunter Silver Plated Sun and Moon Dial Pocket Watch – £105











Open Face Pocket Watch:

The most self-explanatory style on this list, Open Face Pocket Watches display a bare face at all times. This eliminates the need to open a case to check the time. A favourite amongst collectors, Open Face Pocket Watches have grown in popularity in recent years due to improved face protection and experimental designs. A classic gift with an understated, yet beautiful, design.

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Jean Pierre Open Face Skeleton Pocket Watch – £260.00

Mount Royal Open Face Pendant Watch – £58











Full Hunter Pocket Watch:

Characterised by a single opening, decorative case, the Full Hunter is arguably the most iconic Pocket Watch style. Although this design requires the user to open the case every time they want to check the time, they are met with a passionately crafted design like a pearl within a clam. A treasured gift for the traditionalist.

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Jean Pierre Full Hunter Pocket Watch – Gold Plated – £226


Mondaine Savonnette II Full Hunter Pocket Watch – £249.00












Double Half Hunter Pocket Watch:

A collection of all the beloved features of other Pocket Watch designs, a Double Half Hunter has a double open case design, beautiful outer engraving and a small window for viewing the time when closed. Often considered the quintessential style amongst collectors. An unrivalled combination of striking design, practicality and elegant simplicity..

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Mount Royal Double Half Hunter Gold Plated Pocket Watch – £105


Mount Royal Double Half-Hunter Skeleton Pocket Watch – £95.00











Pocket Watch Features

Skeletal/Skeleton Design:

A skeletal design exposes a Pocket Watches’ most delicate details. Through the watch face you can see the intricate mechanical movement of every gear, jewel and spring. Perhaps the most complex style of Pocket Watch available, it makes an excellent gift for passionate collectors and first time owners alike.


A Skeleton Pocket Watch


Jewelled Movement:

The interior movement of a pocket watch causes friction. Jewelled Movement stops this friction and increases accuracy. The most common style is 17 jewelled movement, in which every bearing from the balance wheel to the centre wheel pivot bearings are jewelled. 17 jewelled movement watches are considered to be fully jewelled.

Watch Face Numbers:

Most Pocket Watches are decorated with classic Roman numerals. However, some more modern pieces have exhibited contemporary fonts and styles.


Classic Roman Numeral Watch Face

Battery Type:


A self-winding or automatic watch features a mainspring that is wound automatically by the wearer’s motion. The motion powers the watch, eliminating the need for manual winding. Users are required to wear the watch daily to keep the battery in working order.


Battery powered Pocket Watches are considered the most convenient and consistently accurate of all Pocket Watches. They require less upkeep, as the small batteries only need changing every 3-5 years.

Manual/Wind Up:

Wind Up Pocket Watches require regular manual winding. The watch must be wound daily in order to keep time accurate. However, they do not need to be worn regularly unlike a Mechanical watch, as it does not use the motion created by the user.


Albert Chain:

Named after Prince Albert, this style of chain features interweaving metal and a chain at the end for attaching to a buttonhole.

Double Albert Chain:

A chain draped between both watch pockets, with the T-Bar and pendant chain in the middle.


Jean Pierre Sterling Silver Albert Pocket Watch Chain – £76.00


Jean Pierre Rolled Gold Albert Pocket Watch Chain – £52.00












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