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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Choosing Your Backgammon Board

At Farrar & Tanner we have a beautiful and diverse selection of backgammon boards to choose from, whether for yourself or as a great personalised gift. So how do you choose your perfect board? The main considerations are size, play surface and quality – and of course a fantastic looking board! Once you’ve chosen your favourite board, our “Set Up … Continue reading

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Backgammon – Set Up and Rules of Play

A competitive game for two players, backgammon has been a popular choice for centuries. Played on a folding wooden board with checkers and dice the object of the game is to remove all your checkers from the board. Setting Up Making Your First Move Hitting and Entering Bearing Off Doubling Gammons and Backgammon Choosing Your Board   Setting Up The … Continue reading

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Manopoulos Walnut Wood Backgammon Set