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Farrar and Tanner Al Fresco Dining

Dining Al Fresco – A Guide to Outdoor Dining at Home

Summer is here, the weather is warmer and that means we can spend time on outdoor dining.

At Farrar and Tanner, we love the outdoors and combined with food it’s the ideal combination. Of course, it’s no secret that the British weather is a little unpredictable, with downpours of showers one minute and beautiful sunshine the next, but when we do get the welcome sunshine we jump at the chance to eat al fresco.

Yes, eating outdoors is a fantastic experience, and to make it even more special – and to really impress your guests – you could serve your cuisine on personalised tableware. We have a whole array of beautiful products to make entertaining outside with friends truly memorable this year, from elegant wine glasses to detailed dining sets, which will really set the tone for your al fresco dining.

We have outlined 7 steps to make sure you have a table to impress this summer from start to finish.

Step one: Establish the setting

Wedgwood White Gio Fine Bone China 16 piece setAny table can be transformed with a beautiful tablecloth, whether it’s plain white or textured linen. The neutral colours offer a perfect backdrop to your table decoration and instantly create a crisp summer feeling.

Step Two: Find your theme

Whether you are hosting a family lunch or a formal dinner party, you can use tableware to enhance the occasion. Use napkins, placemats and tableware to help bring themes to life.

Step Three: Beautiful table centrepiece

Dress to impress! Yes, not just you but the table. Create a centrepiece that will wow your guests and creates a focal point. You can either keep it simple with some tealight candles and clear vases full of seasonal flowers, or go the extra mile and create a full-length table wreath. Keep in mind the table shape, so the centrepiece complements it, whether round, oval or rectangular.


Vanilla Blanc Candle Gift Box Bergamont & Ylang

Step four: Lighting

Creating the right table lighting not only sets the tone but adds interest to your centerpiece. Our beautiful Vanilla blanc candles create a delicate glow and provide a subtle fragrance that’s present but not overpowering, giving you a calming environment.

If you are looking for more of a statement then the Robert Welch Limbrey candlesticks are sure to push the table decoration to the next level with their polished steel and warm walnut wood. If you are feeling adventurous why not go for a mix of both, creating varying heights across the table?




Wedgwood White Gio Fine Bone China 16 piece setStep Five: The all-important tableware

Investing in the finest plates, bowls, cutlery, and glassware will ensure your table looks stunning, each and every time you use them. Classic bone china and elegant cutlery will never disappoint at mealtimes, adding that touch of luxury to your table settings.

The stunning Robert Welch Honeybourne cutlery sets perfectly complement the Wedgwood Gio 16 piece set in fine white bone china. The beautiful geometric, white, embossed contemporary pattern enhances the hammered details in the Honeybourne cutlery, creating a casual but sophisticated look.

If you are looking for more of a clean and contemporary style the Maxwell & Williams Cashmere Coupe Sixteen Piece Bone China Dinnerware and the Robert Welch Malvern cutlery set sit together beautifully with their clean lines and elegant finishes.

Farrar and Tanner Wine Glasses When it comes to glassware, timeless crystal and delicate shapes ensure your guest enjoys a drink in style. These exceptional glasses by L’Atelir du Vin amplify the flavour and aroma of your favourite wine as well as being a stylish addition to the table. If you are looking to add a little bit of glitz and glamour to the table the Dartington Swarovski Champagne flutes will do just that. Handmade by Dartington and finished with Swarovski crystals, their delicate stems and intricate design make these a lovely choice for special occasions.





LSA International Water & Wine Carafe Set - 1.1L & 1.3LEnsure each guest has the option of both wine and water by placing a carafe of fresh water on the table. The LSA water & wine carafe is ideal with its shaped neck and angled mouth so you can easily pour wine and water for your dinner guests. You can also add a personal message to make it unique to you. As an additional touch, we like to flavour ours with slices of lemon, or lime.






Robert Welch Malvern 42 Piece Cutlery SetStep 6: The finishing touches

It’s those little touches that make all the difference, and will elevate your al fresco dining experience from the everyday. Little touches that your guests will remember, long after they finish eating. Simple napkins, neatly folded and tied with a freshly picked flower or a simple ribbon can bring the whole table theme together. Add a special table gift for your guests, whether that’s just some little sweet treats or something a little more lavish.





Naturals Long Marble Acacia Serve BoardStep 7: Serving the food

Your table is set, your dinner is ready, your guest are seated… it’s time to serve the food. And if you’ve spent hours in the kitchen preparing a feast to remember, you need to do yourself justice by choosing stylish serving accoutrements.

For example, if you are offering a charcuterie or cheese selection, it will look stunning served on this Naturals Long Marble Acacia Serve Board, which embraces the simplistic beauty of nature to enhance meal presentation. The marble and acacia wood are elegantly juxtaposed, forming a minimalistic, understated way of serving platters, nibbles and bread.



Culinary Concepts Silver-Plated Champagne Cork Wine Bottle StopStep 8: And finally…

Of course, serving food is just one element of your responsibilities as maître d at your dinner party. You, your partner or fellow host also need to take on the role of sommelier. What better way, then, to set of a bottle of your finest than with this Culinary Concepts Silver-Plated Champagne Cork Wine Bottle Stop  –  shaped like a classic champagne cork, adding an elegant touch to your wine.

And rather than placing a bottle straight onto your table linen, why not nestle it safely in this Culinary Concepts ‘Let’s Get Hammered’ Silver-Plated Bottle Coaster? This silver-plated bottle coaster will make your wine or champagne a real feature of the table, and has the practical advantage of protecting the table surface from drips or condensation. Elegant and practical – two of our favourite features!


By following our step by step guide you’ll create the perfect ambiance for al fresco dining that will give you and your guests a meal to remember. Bon appétit!

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