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Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Spring is just around the corner, and we are all looking forward to spending more time outside with family and friends. With the evenings getting longer and the weather getting warmer, it is time to break out the hand trowel, secateurs, and watering can for some quintessential spring gardening.

Before you jump feet first into making your garden look beautiful here at Farrar and Tanner, we have put together a list of garden essentials you will need to make your garden ready for spring. Why not update your essential gardening kit? Or purchase some added extras to make gardening a little easier this year. Here is our selection of engravable essentials to help get your garden spring ready.


The first step in making your garden a beautiful and tranquil space for the warmer months is protection. It is important to protect your hands and clothes when working in the garden, so you don’t hurt yourself using the tools or ripping out those pesky weeds.

The best way to protect yourself is with some stylish yet practical gardening gloves from award winning Burgon and Ball. We have a wide selection of different gardening gloves in various patterns and sizes, suitable for the job at hand. There is sure to be a perfect pair of gloves to see you through this spring and many years to come.

It does not stop there, whether you are re-potting in the greenhouse or kneeling over flowerbeds your clothes can get damp and covered in soil very quickly.  That is where our selection of durable aprons come and help protect your clothes from stains as well as providing some handy pockets. These aprons would make a fantastic spring gift for people who are always hands on in the garden.

Essential Gardening Kit

As someone who loves their garden, we are sure you already have some basic gardening tools. Since it’s a new year and a new season, why not treat yourself to some high-quality gardening tools. We have some fantastic, real wood, gardening tools from Burgon and Ball, as well as some gorgeous floral sets including trowels and forks. It is important to have durable equipment as it makes tending to your garden that much easier. Our selection of trowels, tools and rakes come in different woods and metals such as gold and copper to help you garden shine this spring. We have tools to suit every need and aesthetic, to help you get the job done, efficiently and in style.

Cutting & Pruning

Another wonderful way to keep your garden looking fresh for spring is by pruning your flowers and plants. Whilst some shrubs and trees will happily grow unchecked, most require a little helping hand with a little cutting back or pruning. Pruning helps restrict the size or growth into a certain shape as well as encourage the development of more fruit, flowers or stems or removes dead or diseased material.

The easiest way to do this is with some high-quality secateurs and gardening knives. We have a wide selection of secateurs from Felco and Burgon and Ball, as well as some high-quality gardening knives from Opinel. A durable set of secateurs will really help to keep your garden full of life and evergreen. Our sturdy gardening knives are great for trimming vines and harvesting vegetables. We also have some fantastic gift sets, including secateurs and knives, that would make wonderful gifts for those looking to spruce up their garden.

Indoor Garden

Those of you that have indoor gardens and want to make them look their best for spring, we also have some essentials to help this flourish. With the weather getting warmer it’s important we keep our plants well hydrated and what better way to do this than with a stylish watering can from Haws. We have a wide selection of stunning indoor watering cans to help nurture your succulents and potted flowers alike. With a variety of colours from brass and rose gold metallic to stone and slate grey, there is a watering can to suit any interior. A watering can would make a thoughtful gift for those who love their house plants and want to keep them looking fresher for longer.

Watering plants is essentials, but we better not forget about misting. Plants that require humidity in addition to water such as ferns, calatheas and philodendrons benefit most from misting especially when kept indoors. Alongside our collection of watering cans, we also have some wonderful misters, perfect for gently hydrating plants and would sit nicely with a matching watering can. These beautiful misters do a fantastic job of keeping your plants fresh, whilst also making a stunning home décor piece.

Added extras

Now you have some garden essentials why not grab some added extras? There are many other tools that help make gardening easier that often miss the list. One useful product to help with organising an allotment or vegetable plot is a set of twine. We have a wonderful set of twine and scissors as well as an engraved twine dispenser to make the job even easier. The twine will help to keep your garden neat and organised, making it even more beautiful for you to enjoy.

Why not add a trug to your shopping list? We have variety of trugs in assorted sizes and materials for any use. Trugs are not only useful for transporting tools, flowers, and vegetables to and from the garden, but are also make a gorgeous display piece.

Engraving & Personalisation 

The majority of these gifts can be personalised with an engraved or embossed message. If you are gifting to a friend or loved one you could have their name or initials engraved for them. If you would like to choose something a little different you could always choose a meaningful date or a quote that they like. It could be a fun idea to engrave some gardening related messages in time for the spring summer season. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:


-          Plant dreams, pull weeds and grow a happy life

-          Let love grow

-          How lovely is the silence of growing things?

-          Flowers lift the spirit and refresh the soul

-          Happiness blooms in my garden

-          Good thymes

-          If you need me, I’ll be in my garden


We hope that this post has helped you think about how you can prepare your garden for the upcoming spring season. We all can’t wait to be out in the sun, enjoying the outdoors with our loved ones. Be sure to check out our Engraving Gallery for even more inspiration as to how to create a memorable gift.