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Brands We Work With – Dartington

Brands We Work With – Dartington

Brands We Work With - Dartington

Dartington Glass was created in 1920 as a social enterprise of the newly appointed founders of Dartington Hall in North Devon. The company started out with just 16 Scandinavian glass blowers who were taught the skill of glass blowing here in the UK. From its humble beginnings, Dartington has honed it’s clean and simple style and has grown to become one of the most trusted glassware creators in Great Britain.

Today, Dartington Crystal is currently the leading glass manufacturer in the UK, with around 14,00 pieces of Dartington Crystal being made each and every day. With glassmakers and designers working with Dartington for as long as 40 years, their quality and attention to detail is undeniable.

Dartington creates unique pieces of glassware that are sure to last a lifetime. Casting light across dinner parties and dining rooms alike, these stunning pieces of glass are coveted and cherished by their owners. Dartington Crystal makes wonderful gifts for friends and family, as there is sure to be something to suit any taste. 

Our Favourite Dartington Pieces: