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5 Mother's Day Gifts for Expectant Mothers

5 Mother's Day Gifts for Expectant Mothers

5 Mothers Day Gifts for Expectant Mothers 

With Mother’s Day coming up we are all beginning to think about what to get our Mum’s to show her how much we care. Mums are a huge part of all of our lives, and we want to celebrate all that they do for us on their special day. However, it’s not only our own Mum’s that will be celebrating Mother’s Day this year, but also mothers to be. Whether they have just announced they're expecting or deserve a treat for being an absolute hero throughout the whole pregnancy, discover our favourite Mum to be gifts. We want to treat our pregnant friends or family members to a meaningful gift, to make them feel loved on this incredibly special Mother’s Day.

It can be difficult to find gifts that are suitable for pregnant women as there are certain things that expectant women must avoid. Here at Farrar and Tanner we have come up with some unique, engravable gifts that will make excellent presents for expecting mothers. With everything from non-alcoholic beverages to engraved hospital bags, we have the perfect gifts for Mums to be.


Salcombe New London Light Non Alcoholic Gin - Midnight Sun in Personalised Wood Gift Box

A great gift idea for expectant mothers is some luxurious, non-alcoholic, gin. This stunning pink gin from Salcombe Distillery Co. is the perfect way for mothers to sit back and relax this Mother’s Day. Expectant mothers may feel that they have to miss out on enjoying their favourite beverage, but this fabulous non-alcoholic option gives them the opportunity to enjoy a drink with their loved ones. This Midnight Sun flavoured gin comes in a choice of high-quality, wood, gift box that can be engraved with a bespoke, personalised message. Creating a gift with a loving message for the mother to be would make it even more meaningful and is sure to bring a smile to her face. Why not engrave a message of encouragement and admiration for your pregnant loved one? to help her feel strong for the rest of her pregnancy.



Ashwood vintage Leather Holdall - Brown

This real leather holdall bag from Ashwood would make a wonderful gift for expectant mothers. The large size, thick handles and crossbody strap make it perfect for taking with her to the hospital when the baby is due. It is essential to have a good quality bag to carry all of the necessities for mother and baby to keep their hospital experience as stress free as possible. This luxurious leather bag features a luggage tag that can be engraved with words of affirmation for the new mother receiving the gift. Engraving a personalised message to the bag will help create a memorable gift that can be kept as a keepsake from the birth of their child. 



La Cafetiere Origins Teapot 2 Cup – Copper

Why not treat her to a decaf brew? As you may know it is beneficial to lower your caffeine intake during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a hot, brewed beverage of your choice. A nice warming cup of tea can bring relaxation and calm to the expectant mother, making it a wonderful gift. This stunning teapot is also great for making a cup of tea after a long night after the baby is born. A good quality teapot is a great kitchen essential that will see you through many years. This gorgeous copper teapot can be engraved with a personalised message, making it a wonderful gift. It would be a lovely idea to engrave a thoughtful quote or words of wisdom for her to read after a stressful day. 




Haws Classic Copper Watering Set 

With spring in full swing, why not give her some indoor gardening equipment to tend to her beautiful plants. Looking after indoor plants gives her something to do that is enjoyable but not too strenuous. This beautiful copper watering can, and mister set gives her all she needs to help her indoor garden bloom. This set is something she can keep for years to come, even using them with her future child. This set can also be engraved with a sweet message to help her through her pregnancy. Why not choose a lovely quote about love and growth to reflect both her journey into motherhood and her beautiful plants. 




Manopoulos Classic Four in One Wooden Games Compendium

While away the hours with a choice of four different games in this stunning, modern games compendium. Give her the gift of fun and games with these all-encompassing classic games. A great way for her to relax and have fun in the evenings, this compendium is sure to come in handy. When the baby is older, she can teach them to play and enjoy these wonderful wooden games together. You can also add a plaque to this board with a meaningful date or message that the mum to be will treasure for a lifetime.

That concludes our list of personalised Mother’s Day gifts for expectant mothers. We hope that this post has given you some great ideas as to what to purchase for your pregnant family and friends. Be sure to check out our other Mother’s Day posts for more inspiration and engraving ideas.