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Gifts Employees Will Actually Love

Gifts Employees Will Actually Love

Gifts Employees will Actually Love

We’ve all received a gift from an employer, family member or friend that just seemed impersonal or maybe even lacking genuine care. It can be an uncomfortable situation, but we’ve all been there. Despite how difficult it can be, thankfully there is a solution! Let’s avoid any awkward situations this year by making sure you give the most thoughtful gift to your employees to thank them for all of their hard work. We don’t doubt that you have started preparing to give your employee’s a wonderful gift, but we are here to help give you some more ideas as to what makes a great corporate gift.

Thanking your employee’s is an essential part of running a successful business. Studies have proven that thanking your staff makes them twice as likely to be highly engaged (60% versus 32%). As this is exactly what we want in the workplace, giving your employee’s a meaningful gift is one way that will help boost staff morale.

However, you shouldn’t just give your staff anything, making sure that the gift you give is personal and thoughtful is equally as important. A great way to make a gift feel more meaningful is by adding an engraving with a personalised message especially for your staff. Here at Farrar & Tanner we specialise in personalisation and engraving to help create a bespoke gifting experience for our customers. Our corporate gifting department makes sure that your gift is perfectly unique to give to your wonderful employees.

Engraved Drinking Glasses

Another gift sure to impress your staff is some personalised glasses for their drink’s cabinet. Whether your employee’s prefer wine or spirits, we have the perfect glass for any individual. Giving your staff an engraved glass ensures that the gift seems thoughtful and personal, which is the secret to creating a great corporate gift. You can add your employee’s name and a  short message, or simply add your company’s logo for a memorable keepsake of their time at your company. An engraved gift is something everyone can use, as they are an essential in any home. Your staff could even keep their glasses at work as a fun way to know whose glass belongs to who.


Engraved Wines & Spirits

Treat your employees to a bottle of their favourite tipple in an engraved wine box. Gifting your staff to some of their favourite drinks will help them to relax and wind down on an evening after a long day at work. This gift is a great way to thank your staff as you are giving them the gift of enjoyment and relaxation. An engraved bottle of wine is sure to go down well and become a thoughtful gift that your employee’s will enjoy and treasure. Add an engraving with a personal message for your staff to make the gift even more thoughtful. In need of inspiration of what to write? Be sure to have a read of our blog post ‘The Best Way to Thank Your Employees’ that outlines some great tips about what to engrave on a corporate gift.


Engraved Hipflasks

Hipflasks Along the same lines as an engraved glass is a high-quality, personalised hipflask. Hipflasks make wonderful gifts as they are durable and last a lifetime. Giving your staff a gift that they can keep for many years to come is sure to excite your employees. We have a large selection of hipflasks in various different sizes, ideal for any staff members preference. Once again you have the choice to engrave your gifts with a personal message, especially created for your staff. Our bespoke gifting service is unique and creative, meaning we can help you to create a personalised engraving including your logo and a special message for all of your hard-working staff.


Engraved Chopping Board

Bring warmth and luxury wood into your employee’s homes by giving them the gift of a high-quality chopping board. We have a large selection of chopping boards of all different sizes, perfect for any home. A chopping board is a gift that your staff can keep for a long time and would make a thoughtful keepsake that they can use every day. As chopping boards have a larger surface area, there is more room for a longer message if you require it. 


Engraved Multi-Tool

Another great, multi-purpose gift for your employee’s is a practical multi-tool. These hard-wearing and durable multi-tools are perfect for carrying with you to help you get out of any situation. Our multi-tools feature pliers, screwdrivers, and a small blade, ideal for taking with you on adventures. This tool would make a great gift for your staff as they are sure to get some use out of it, wherever life takes them. The multi-tools can also be engraved with your company's logo, employee’s name, or a special message especially for them. This makes this gift a memorable keepsake that will last a lifetime.



We hope that this post has given you an idea of what gifts employees will actually love. We know it’s important that your corporate gift goes down well, and we hope that these tips will help make your employee appreciation gift a success. If you need some more inspiration for what to engrave on your gift, make sure to check out our ‘The Best Way to Thank Your Employees’ blog post.