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Top 10 Gardening Essentials for Spring

Top 10 Gardening Essentials for Spring

Top 10 Gardening Essentials for Spring

Spring into action with some of our most popular gardening essentials!  With warmer weather just around the corner, we all want our gardens to be looking beautiful, ready to welcome our guests. We all love to dine al fresco or fire up the BBQ for a relaxing evening with friends, meaning our gardens need to be in tip top shape.

We have a large selection of gardening essentials, from trowels to trugs, meaning there is something for everyone. Whether you have sprawling outdoor space, or a small kitchen garden, we have the perfect products for you. We have curated a list of our top 10 gardening essentials, full of gardening tools that we know you will love. With a large selection of these gifts being engravable, why not add something special for your loved ones this Spring season?

Burgon & Ball Love the Glove Women's Gardening Gloves - Red Tweed

A great place to start when it comes to gardening essentials is protecting yourself whilst in the garden. An ideal way to insure you don’t injure yourself is by wearing some high-quality, durable gardening gloves. These red tweed gloves will protect your hands from any damage as well as looking stylish. These gloves feature a wrist strap to change the size of the gloves to ensure that they are comfortable. The padded palm and two-way stretch material between the fingers keeps your hands cool and comfortable with full mobility.  These classic gloves would make a wonderful gift for your loved one who is always in their garden.

Haws Indoor Copper Watering Can - 1 Litre

This stunning copper watering can from HAWS would make a fabulous gift for those who have an indoor garden. Watering cans are perfect for keeping plants like succulents and orchids well hydrated within your home. As many people don’t have large outdoors spaces, we want to keep our indoor gardens looking beautiful and fresh. This copper watering can also features a removable brass rose, which makes it perfect for awkwardly sized and placed plants.

Burgon & Ball Natural Wooden Trug - Large

This gorgeous, simplistic trug is made from poplar wood and hand weaved to create this classic shape. The trug itself features a natural wood grain creates a country cottage style, perfect for displaying in the home. This trug is perfect for carrying plants, vegetables, and tools alike to and from the garden. This trusty little trug is a true garden essential that will help make preparing your garden for spring, that little bit easier.

Opinel 3 Piece Gardeners Colourful Box Set

This trusty little set of gardening knives is perfect for people starting to prune their gardens for spring. This set features a small saw, garden knife and pruning knife, that are all hand crafted in France. These knives also feature Virobloc safety rings, keeping blades locked open or closed for secure use and transportation. An original gift idea for those who love their gardens, this all-encompassing set can be engraved with your loved one’s name or initials to show you care.

Burgon & Ball Passiflora Trowel and Fork

This stunning Passiflora trowel and fork set from Burgon & Ball is a wonderful deep purple colour. This set features a trowel and fork engraved with an engraved message that reads ‘the love of gardening is a seed once sown, that never dies’. This RHS endorsed set is both high quality and aesthetically pleasing, meaning you can tend to your garden in style. An absolute essential for avid gardeners, this set makes sure you are ready to make your garden bright and beautiful, ready for your guests.

Opinel Le Secateur Gardening Pruner - Green

An important gardening essential is some high-quality secateurs. This secateur from Felco has comfortable, light handles perfect for spending long days in the garden. Featuring a wire cutting notch and sap groove, these secateurs are perfect for intensive pruning of all kinds of plants. The handle also features a cushion shock absorber and non-slip coating, making it ideal for keeping your hands protected whilst keeping your garden fresh for spring.


Burgon & Ball Garden Planting Line

A great way to keep your allotments and vegetables neat and tidy is with a jute planting line. This adorable planting line brings a rustic edge to your garden, whilst also helping to keep your garden looking perfect for the springtime. Featuring two hand turned FSC Beech wood posts with 10cm of natural jute twine, for easy usage. Why not start a kitchen garden this Spring? This is a great time to start growing your own vegetables and herbs, perfect for making some delicious meals in the kitchen.

Burgon & Ball Hardwood Planting Labels

Is your allotment getting a bit hectic? These hardwood planting labels are perfect for separating and labelling your herbs and vegetables. It can be important to know exactly which plants are where in your garden so you can keep an eye on how your plants are growing. The set includes six plant labels in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Crafted from FSC hardwood and lightly sanded, they are prepared for harsh weather and years of use. There is also an option to add initials to each label for a personal touch with our engraving service.

Burgon & Ball National Trust Dibber

Are you planning on planting some seeds and bulbs this spring? A great essential to help you a long is this Burgon & Ball National Trust Dibber. This beautifully traditional dibber is carefully crafted from ashwood in a rustic style and features a Burgon & Ball branded plate. The high carbon point has a powdered coating reducing the risk of corrosion and measurements are marked for even planting.

Haws Mist Sprayer - 300ml / Copper

Another great essential for those with an indoor garden and lots of potted plants is a luxurious copper mister from HAWS. This mist sprayer evenly sprays your plants with a layer of water, helping to fully hydrate your plants. A mist sprayer is great for more delicate indoor plants such as succulents and orchids. This 300ml mister features a simple, press plunger action. A delightful contemporary addition to the indoor gardener’s home.

That’s our round up of top gardening essentials for spring for people with all sorts of gardens. We hope that you have found some inspiration for what gardening essentials you need for Spring and Summer 2022. If you are thinking of giving some of these products as gifts, be sure to check out our engraving gallery and previous post for some ideas as to what to engrave for your loved ones.