POD Volunteer Charity

POD Volunteer Charity

Outdoor365 Group  have partnered with the award winning Pod Volunteer to support Pod Charity.

How do Pod help?

Pod Volunteer arranges volunteering opportunities in vulnerable overseas communities. Since 2001 they have supported sustainable local initiatives in 11 countries worldwide that positively impact the lives of people and animals, while helping to conserve the environment.


Where do donations go?

We first met Pod when we moved to our current offices in Cheltenham and were impressed by their ethical approach. Most importantly, 100% of every donation made to POD goes directly to where it is needed.


Over 2000 meals provided a month!

Pod volunteers working in Nepalese schools found that the pupils first meal of day was often in the evening and their inadequate diets were affecting their concentration and health. To combat this, we will be supporting Pod Charity by directly enabling them to provide 2,200 meals every month to children in Nepal, that's over 26,000 meals a year!


You make it possible!

It's thanks to all of our customers that we've been able to support Pod Charity. For regular updates on this and further initiatives with Pod Charity sign up to our newsletter and keep reading our blog!