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Brands We Work WIth - Skyline Chess

Brands We Work WIth - Skyline Chess

Brands We Work With – Skyline Chess

Founded by two London-based architectural designers, Chris Prosser and Ian Flood, Skyline Chess takes iconic architecture from around the world and pits the greats against each other, bringing impeccable design and a unique take on this most loved game.

As flatmates, Chris and Ian would play chess in the evenings wondering what it would be like if they could design chess pieces in the form of buildings and create the architectural skylines of their dreams to compete in theoretical games, thus the concept of Skyline Chess was born.

An ode to the city the two architects call home, the ‘London Edition’ came first.  Terraced houses play the perfect pawns, Big Ben makes for a regal rook, the London Eye is cast as the knight, 30 St Mary Axe steps into the role of the bishop perfectly, whilst the Shard lends its elegance and might as the queen. When it comes to the Big Smoke, the stature and significance of Canary Wharf is the only building that can play king. The hand-printed London map chess board providing the perfect backdrop to a game.

The Big Apple’s iconic skyline came next, immortalised in this beautiful game. Kings appear in the form of the One World Trade Tower, the pawns are Brownstones, the Guggenheim as the rook and the Flatiron as the knight. Again a hand printed New York City map chess board sets the scene.

Both are distinguished collector’s pieces and an unforgettable gift for the chess fan, and will undoubtedly be displayed with pride. 

As unequivocal ambassadors of craftsmanship, the quality of the materials used by Skyline Chess have been carefully selected and every detail meticulously considered. Each sculptural piece is cast from injection moulded acrylic in monochromatic architectural tones allowing the form and detail of each and every building to be truly appreciated.  For the luxury bronze set, a lost-wax casting technique that is many centuries old is used by a foundry run by a small family business in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, safeguarding a timeless skill whilst creating a timeless game and championing British design and manufacturing. Skyline has re-imagined this game of kings and is committed to creating beautiful and unique objects for both the chess player and design enthusiast alike.


'Skyline has re-imagined this games of kings'


At Farrar & Tanner we love to work with brands that share our ethos when it comes to quality and attention to detail, and we curate collections we are confident will make the perfect gift. Our Skyline sets come complete with a board and presentation box and are a must-have piece for someone looking for a unique piece of British design and a truly one-of-a-kind chess experience.