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A Gentleman’s Everyday Carry

A Gentleman’s Everyday Carry

A Gentleman’s Everyday Carry

Everyday carry has become a very interesting topic online, growing in popularity over the last few years. Everyday carry or maybe better known as EDC consists of the items that men carry with them in their pockets or bag on a day-to-day basis. Each person’s EDC is different, with some people just carrying a wallet and watch, whilst others carry multi-tools and pocketknives, if they have a more physical job or lifestyle. As everyone’s EDC varies, it can be really interesting to see what people have with them as they go about their business. If you are considering curating an EDC of your own, this blog post outlines some of the most common items featured in a gentleman’s EDC. Whether you decide to keep it simple, or be prepared for any occasion, we are sure to have some great products for you to include in your EDC.


Carrying a wallet is one of the main items in the classic EDC. A wallet carries all of your essentials such as money, credit cards and identification. Most EDC collections feature a wallet or card holder as a staple amongst the other everyday carry items. Our premium selection features everyday wallets, practical slimline card holders and stainless-steel money clips. Crafted from genuine leather and twill by experienced artisans, our personalised wallets come in a range of styles, colours, and finishes. With wallets from luxury brands such as Charles Smith and Barbour, we have the perfect wallet for you.



A slightly newer edition to the classic EDC is the Orbitkey keyring. The Orbitkey is a modern, superbly stylish alternative to awkward, irritating keys and keychains. Crafted from genuine cowhide leather and coated to improve durability, this is key fob is something you can be proud to carry. Orbitkey’s unique locking mechanism safely secures between 3-7 keys, ideal for joggers that can’t stand the sound of jingling keys. The innovative design of the Orbitkey makes it easy to switch between keys and protects other items, such as smartphones, from damage. This innovative product would make a great addition to your EDC as it helps keep your keys organised, making them easier to carry. The Orbitkey would make a wonderful gift for anyone looking to streamline their everyday carry and make their collection even more practical.


Leather Belts

A real leather belt is an important addition to any EDC collection. A good quality belt is perfect for everyday wear and will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. Many people include a belt in their EDC no matter where they work, a belt is great for attaching other everyday carry items to such as a multi-tool or pocket knife. With belts from British heritage brands such as Barbour and Dents, you are sure to find a luxurious accessory perfect for you. You can also add an engraving to your belt featuring your name or initials to add some of your personality into these classic pieces.


Watches & Cufflinks 

A watch and matching cufflinks are a classic accessory that every gentleman needs. We have a variety of watches that would make great additions to your EDC. The classic styles will look sharp for any occasion, formal or casual. Making sure that you have a high-quality time piece is an essential part of a successful EDC. As it is important to keep track of the time, no matter your profession, a sleek watch is arguably one of the most integral parts of EDC. A high-quality pair of cufflinks will last a lifetime and become an essential part of your everyday carry. We offer an engraving service to have your watch and cufflinks personalised with your name or initials, making these pieces unique to you. 


Engraved Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is a great addition to the EDC of men that have more physically demanding lifestyles. Whether you work with your hands, or just love to be outdoors, a multi-tool is great for assisting you in many situations. Due to the fact that they are so versatile and useful, multi-tools have become an important part of everyday carry trend. With the option to attach it to your belt, or simply carrying it in your pocket, a multi-tool is discrete and perfect for everyday use. Why not add an engraving to your multi-tool? Stand out from the rest and include your name or initials on the handle to add a touch of luxury to this essential tool.



We hope you have been inspired by some of favourite EDC options. Browse our various departments for more inspiration for what you would like to carry with you on a day-to-day basis. Make sure to check out our Engraving Gallery and Personalisation Guide for some great advice on how to create the best personalised gift.