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How to Maintain Your Indoor Home Garden

How to Maintain Your Indoor Home Garden

How to Maintain Your Indoor Home Garden 

With the weather getting warmer, we are all thinking about spring and all the beauty that comes with it. Spring brings growth and new life, which is why many people welcome flowers and plants into their home at this time of year. As many of us don’t have access to wide open spaces to grow our plants, we have adapted by creating the indoor garden. Indoor gardens became hugely popular in the last few years, as a way of adding style to your interior but also offering great heath benefit for example plants help cleanse household air and are proven to increase productivity. So don’t wait till summer to put those green fingers into action, start prepping your indoor garden this spring. We have some great advice and product selections to help your indoor garden flourish this Spring. 

Cut Away Old Growth

A great tip to maintain your indoor garden is by cutting away the old growth on your plants. Cutting away any dead leaves or stems will help the plant to grow and flourish this spring. In order to make an accurate cut and protect your plants from excess damage you need a durable pair of secateurs. The incredibly soft handles of our secateurs are lovely to use and help to reduce fatigue. Our Felco secateurs come with a replacement blade and a spare spring so that nothing comes in the way of finishing the task at hand. There are plenty of varieties of secateurs and pruning shears, ideal for helping your indoor plants bloom to perfection. We also carry a selection of high-quality Opinel garden knives that are perfect for pruning and maintaining your flowers. There is also a colourful gift set comprising of several garden knives which would make a wonderful, personalised gift for a friend or family member.


Keep them Hydrated

One of the most important things about keeping indoor plants is making sure that they are hydrated at all times. An indoor watering can would be a great investment to help you water your plants. Indoor watering cans are both light and durable to make it easier for you to carry around your home. A great alternative to a watering can, and useful for more delicate plants and flowers, is a mist sprayer. These small misters have an easy-to-use pump action to affectively spitz your plants with some much-needed water. Plants like succulents and orchids grow the best when being delicately hydrated with a mister. These misters come in several colours, just like the watering cans, to create a matching set. Our watering cans and misters can be engraved with a personalized message to create a memorable gift for your loved ones.

Refresh the Soil

An essential way to keep your indoor plants looking fresh is by regularly refreshing the soil. Old soil does no favours for your plants and replenishing the soil adds extra nutrients that will help your plants to grow and thrive. In order to effectively refresh your soil, you will need some high-quality tools. The best tool for doing this is a trowel to help deposit the soil, but a fork would also be helpful for even distribution. We have a selection of trowels and forks as well of sets that include both. These sets would make wonderful gifts for your gardening loved ones. 



Another great way to maintain your indoor garden is to keep it nice and organised. If you have a more extensive indoor plant collection or a kitchen garden, it may prove useful to label your plants. Our wooden plant labels come in three sizes, small, medium, and large meaning there is a label the perfect size for any plant. It is a clever idea to label all of your kitchen garden plants so that you know exactly what you are putting into your favourite dishes. Labelling your plants can also add to the look of your indoor garden, making it look well-presented and unique.

Keeping it Tidy

Keep your hands and gloves protected with some essential gloves and aprons. Many indoor plants can have sharp leaves or thorns that can catch on our hands and cause injury. This as well as the possible injuries from your gardening tools, a good pair of sturdy gloves is a must have for the home garden. As gardening can be a messy job, it is also a good idea to protect your clothes with a long apron. We have a large selection of leather and canvas aprons, perfect for protecting you and your clothes from any soil, water, or mud. Keeping your hands and clothes protected will also help keep your indoor garden nice and clean for you to enjoy. Another great perk of wearing an apron is the handy pockets to help you carry your gardening tools with you. This makes an apron a great accessory for caring for your indoor plants.


That completes our tips on how to maintain your indoor garden. We hope that you have found this post helpful and get stuck in with your indoor garden this Spring. If you would like to give any of our mentioned products as gifts, we have an engraving gallery to look at for inspiration. Make sure to check out our previous blog all about Gentleman's Everyday Carry Essentials and enjoy the sunshine!