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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift guide

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift guide

Father’s Day is around the corner, but are you ready? Or are you wondering just how you can make this Father’s Day.

Finding the perfect Father’s Day present can be a challenge.

You could try asking what he’d like. In fact, you have probably tried in the past. But how often do you get the response from your Dad: “Oh, don’t get me anything, there’s nothing I need.” This just makes the challenge all the harder.

So here’s your dilemma: what do you get the man who appears to have everything?

At Farrar & Tanner we understand this struggle, so we have done the hard work for you by curating a collection of some of the world’s best and finest luxury gifts for men.

By browsing our online emporium, you will find plenty of inspiration to ensure that this year you purchase the perfect gift for your dad. A gift he will truly love.

And because all our gifts can be personalised, you can guarantee he won’t already have one. Unique, personalised, perfect… how does that sound?

Choosing the perfect Father’s Day gift

Before diving in, make sure you take into account his hobbies, personality and style. What does he like doing? Is he outdoorsy or does he prefer recreation inside? Is he a budding chef or a green-fingered gardener? Does he have a favourite tipple?

And remember, everything can be engraved or embossed with a message, to ensure your gift is truly personal.

Here are some ideas to inspire you.

For the dad who loves to grill

With summer upon us, many of our dads will be taking their usual position as Head Chef for the barbecue.

Whether they produce a mouth-watering spread or are a little prone to charcoaling the sausages, we have an excellent selection of barbecue gifts that are sure to elevate your dad to the title of BBQ King.

He’ll be the smartest boss of the barbecue in the town, sporting a vintage cognac leather apron – and safe, too, from flying sparks. He can flip burgers and slice steaks and sausages in style, with our exceptional range of utensils.

And as he sits back and admires his culinary handiwork, he can pop the cap on his favourite ale using our clever, stylish bottle openers.


For the Dad who is a kitchen connoisseur

Does your dad enjoy bringing together culinary masterpieces for dinner and experimenting with ingredients (to greater and lesser degrees of success, we suspect)?
Why not treat your favourite chef to a set of professional knives or a detailed carving set for a timeless gift that can be used daily or for special occasions.
As he toasts his success in the kitchen, he might like to do so using a personalised whisky glass if he is partial  to a drop of bourbon.

For the dad who appreciates a refreshing drink

What better way to relax after a long day, than sitting down with a refreshing drink? We are sure that more than one dad would agree! No matter what their drink of choice is, knowing your dad has a favourite tipple makes finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for them easy. From a decanter to house their preferred spirit to a personalised tumbler, we have a selection of gifts to ensure they are drinking in style.

And if they love a glass of fizz, why not treat them to a personalised champagne box? They might invite you to join them. Bubbly on Father’s Day, on a perfect June afternoon – what a treat!

For the stylish dad

If you have a more traditional, dapper dad then a conventional gift of socks and ties may be just what he is hoping for.

But if you want to branch out a little, and treat the well-groomed and stylish dad, we have some excellent suggestions.

Is it ‘time’ to think about spoiling him with the gift of a personalised pocket watch? Or would he like to receive a personalised leather wallet? That would make a ‘change’. We have a wonderful selection of wallets, all of which can be embossed and personalised.

And if he likes a touch of nostalgia, our traditional shaving sets will add a little luxury to any en suite.

For the dad who enjoys the great outdoors

If your dad is at one with nature and likes to be in the fresh air, blowing away the cobwebs, we have an array of perfect gifts.

From hipflasks to multi-tools we have something that will suit him, whatever his outside hobbies are. Garden tools are functional, but personalised garden tools lift the prosaic to another level.

For the dad who likes to win

Is games night highly competitive in your household, does dad always like to win?

Handcrafted games sets are a fantastic way to gift quality time with the family, and we have an extensive choice, from chess to backgammon to a traditional bagatelle game. And, of course, everything can be personalised to bring that little extra touch of magic to your Father’s Day gift.

If your dad was a fan of Queen’s Gambit, and fancies himself as a budding Grandmaster, then what better gift than a personalised chess set – and we have so many to choose from.

And if all else fails…?

Well, of course, our selection wouldn’t be truly complete if we didn’t include socks and handkerchiefs. So, if that is what your dad REALLY wants this year, perhaps as a little extra gift for Father’s Day, then you can pop them in your basket before the checkout.

Good luck, and happy shopping.